Tuesday, March 24, 2009

How about a Spring Bingo Game

Below is a list of words/phrases.
Just pick out 25 of the words and email them to Sandi@rustytinroof.com.
Please be sure to put 'RTR Bingo' or 'Rusty Tin Roof Bingo' in the subject line of your email, and please add your physical mailing address in the copy along with your word list ~ and don't forget to keep a copy of your words for yourself LOL!

Please note that these emails will be read only when we have a winner so if you have any questions send them in a different email.

We will start Calling our BINGO word in 3 places this time, so more folks can join in.

The same words will be listed in each of the following locations.


XtremePrim Bloghttp://xtremeprim.blogspot.com/

FriedPrims Blog http://friedprims.blogspot.com/

Signups start today and end at midnight on April 14.
We will start calling Bingo words on April 15st, 2009.

1 Easter
2 Rabbit
3 Basket
4 Day Light Savings
5 Passover
6 April Fools Day
7 Egg hunt
8 Carrot
9 Out house
10 Bonnet
11 Barrel
12 Homespun
13 Antiques
14 Quilting
15 Needle Point
16 Community
17 Annie
18 Andy
19 Lion
20 Canada
21 Seasonal
22 Button
23 Lamb
24 Spices
25 Lady Bug
26 America
27 England
28 Austria
29 Bunnies
30 Folk Art
31 Primitives
32 Extreme Primitives
33 Soaps
34 Candles
35 Melts
36 May Pole
37 Peeps
38 Jackalope
39 Mammy
40 Ornies
41 Poppies
44 Marketplace
43. Country Fried Primitives
45 Pattern
46 Scents
47 Supplies
48 Tulips
49 Roses
50 Lavender
Bingo Prize:
Donated by Sandi at Always Crafty 2
Value $25.00
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Sara said...

Oh how fun!! =) I am emailing my list shortly!

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.