Thursday, October 21, 2010

Poppy Palooza!

Its Poppy Palooza time! For the next few months you can expect even more fabulous creations from out talented list of artists! We are also going to do a contest for our artists for each release. Every shoppe that decides to participate can send in a picture of one of their items , and we are going to let YOU vote for the winner!
The poll will be placed on the right hand side, so please take time to vote for your favorite!

*The Primitive Oswald*

*Angies Raggedy Patch*

*Shweet Potato Dolls n Patterns*

*Lucys Lazy Dayz Primitives*

Friday, October 1, 2010

Poppy Updates

Wow it's October already and YES it is time for our October 1st updates in Lemon Poppy Seeds! Come by the Marketplace and see all the amazing creations just waiting for you to order. Make sure to visit all the Poppy Shoppes and remember there are patterns, scent shoppes, supplies and even our very own Halloween Shoppe too.
I just had to show off one of the shoppes I was visiting this fine Fall Day
Sassafras Hill Primitives has a shoppe filled with Prim Fall but I just love this Kitty in Pumpkin and had to show you.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Christmas in July

Hot! Sizzling Hot Outside across most of the states and this is the perfect time to crank up the AC, grab a cup of hot chocolate and turn to Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace's Christmas in July. This is the time for you to shoppe for yourself as well as get a head start on those gifts on your lists.
Try your hand at Needle Punch with this awesome pattern. By the pool or inside keeping cool this would be a great way to pass the time.

Everyone needs a dollie under the tree or hiding in the tree waiting for Santa to come.
Check out this Prim Gal from Primitves from Olde Lady Morgan

So come by the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace for
Christmas in July

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

June is Blooming with lots of updates in the Marketplace

It's that time again! June is blooming with a whole mess of updates in Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace.

Grab a big ole glass of shweet tea (if you are in the South) and pull up that nice soft rocker and get ready to stroll the streets of the Marketplace for fines beyond belief. Now don't stop at the shoppes head on down the page to the Poppy Patterns, Poppy Supplies and of course everyone needs good smellies for the home so check out the Poppy Scent Shoppes too!

Take a peek at what each section has in store just for you!
Poppy Supplies
From Crowing About Primitives .... Wonderful wool for your dolls and more.

From the Main Street of the Marketplace

Poppy Scent Shoppes
From Whimzy Acres So good you wish you could scratch and sniff

Poppy Patterns
From Sassafras Hill Primitives Fresh from the Garden......

Don't forget to head over to Rusty Tin Roof Ezine and download the new Summer Issue.

'Til later have a prim filled day!
~Poppy Gals

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Marketplace Updates

The sun is hot, but  you want to shop. What do you do? Grab a big tall glass of lemonade and head to your laptop or computer and come on over to our 24/7 Extreme Prim and Folk Art Marketplace, called Lemon Poppy Seeds.
You can find all kinds of wonderful creations and vintage items in our Marketplace. Let me show you a few of the different things you can find in Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace.
                                                From Hattie's Potters Prims
Mr. Liberty from Spinning Wheel Primitives

How about some American inspired creations for your home all year long.

From Limestone Hill Primitives a little door decor.

Remember you can always use the search box located at the top of our Directory page to find everything you are looking for. Scroll down the page to find our Patterns, Supplies and Scent Shoppes.
One last thing before I close out for today I wanted to share with you one very special Poppy.
This Poppy won our Poppy Petal Power Award
Please come by and visit with Olde Homestead Barn
Americana Day just touches my heart!

Have a Poppy Filled Day!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Win! Win! Win!

The first 5 people to email me a picture of a picnic table will win a FREE ad in the summer issue of Rusty Tin Roof!
Think of all the added traffic to your blogs and website!
email me at
Please include the following:
Business Name
Business email
special( we will edit if its too long so please keep it as brief as possible)
value of special
expiration date of special

Saturday, May 1, 2010

May 1 Marketplace UpDaTeS

YES! Time for Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace UpDaTeS!
Come by and stroll the Marketplace I'm sure you'll find something to take home.

Remember Mother's Day in the USA is May 9.
Still time to buy and ship to you for your Mom or better yet surprise Mom with a package sent straight to her.
Here 's a Mums Day Idea for you

Moonbeam Folk Art Set of Momma and Baby Bird

Hope to see ya at the Marketplace soon.
Happy May Day ... Dance in the flowers or around the May Pole...Just enjoy the beauty of the May Flowers and Spring!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

April 15 is NOT Tax Day it is SMILE We've UPdated our Marketplace Day!

Come by Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace and see all the new updates going on.
So don't think of today as the dreaded tax day! Grab a big tall glass of tea and a smile and come by the Marketplace and see all the extreme primitive and folk art collections there. While you are there remember to scroll on down to the patterns, supplies and of course the scented goodies all there for you to take home.
Wanted to show you one of the newest additions in Angie's Raggedy Patch's Poppy Shoppe.

This Raggedy Bag Holder is perfect for Earth Day and Everyday.
This is made from a pattern by another Poppy Crows Roost Prims.

Hope you enjoy our updates and remember to pop back in here and let us know which shoppe has the best Spring is Sprung themed items!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

More Spring things at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace

WOW! Come by the Marketplace and take a stroll through the amazing shoppes. There are some mighty good looking prims and folks art there I tell ya. Look at Ye Ole' Primitive Doll Shoppe,.... Okay I admit I have a love affair with Dolls of all kinds and styles. These dolls are just wonderful Xtreme babies...Just look!
Gotta love Spring Angels too and HaTTie PoTTerS PrimsS has an angel I would love to add to my collection. Come check out her shoppe.

                                                           GoTTa LoVe FrOgS!
Come by Crows Roost Prims and check out all her dolls and frogs...scroll down her page to "Welcome Frog" and even better is he is ON SALE TOO!
Okay Poppy Lovers we need your help in picking which shoppe best fits our monthly theme Spring Has Sprung. Everyone is welcome to post the shoppe they like the best right in here!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung at the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace

Spring has Sprung at the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace. Come by and check out all the wonderful springtime offerings!
I love this shop name and Just Had to stop by to check it out and so happy I did...
Come by and visit A Murder of Crows Prims I fell in love with her baby chicks
Nothing screams spring more than eggs and this Egg by Sassafras Hill Primitives is just so perfect for any style home this Spring. Check out the Good Egg in her Shoppe!
Now you know you need to get your door all ready for spring and what comes next month??? Memorial Day! So how about a two fer... Wonderful Sunflower doorhanger with an Americana theme to it.
Come by the Primitive Palace and check out this Door Hanger and all her wonderful prim creations.

Seeds Seeds and More Seeds! We sow our seeds in the spring so that we may have flowers, fruit and veggies in the summer time. Come by Farmhouse Gatherings and see her amazing Xtreme Seed bags and tote!

Now while you are stolling through the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace jot down those Spring Has Sprung Favorites and come by and let us know which shoppe has the best Spring Has Sprung themed items. Love to see if you pick the same ones as we do. Everyone is welcome to let us know which shoppe you like the best for our monthly theme!

Monday, March 15, 2010

New Marketplace UPDATES Today!

Wow can it really be March 15 all ready? This year is flying by and it's time for new updates at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace!
Come by and check out the wonderful spring creations! Get them now cause poppy creations move oh so fast.
Come by and Visit with Monnie bean Folk Art
Kassy fell in love with C Myer Bug so he is coming to live in the Shweet Tree House
But she still has wonderful folk art for you to get your hands on like Mrs. Lilly Woodchuck! So come by the Shoppe.
Looking for a Bunny? Come by Tickles My Fancy and check our Hannah Hare

There are so many wonderful creations at the Marketplace! Updates are in shoppes with the 15 and petal flowers next to the name. BUT remember almost all the shoppes are packed with Shweet creations just waiting for a new home!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Come check out the new exhibit at Lemon Poppy Seeds!!!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

New Xtreme Updates at the LPS Marketplace

OH that time of the month again! New Xtreme and Folk Art Updates at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace!
Most of the country is blanketed in snow and ice but you can stay inside in your nice toasty warm home with your cup of coffee and stroll through the Marketplace.

It's the perfect time to find you some
 Spring time creations like BoBo Rabbit and Miss Clucky from Whimzy Acres

This shoppe is jammed packed with so many wonderful folk art creations I could no pick just one so come by Moon bean Folk Art and see all her creations.

Remember the Marketplace updates on the 1st and 15th of every month so save a little stolling time!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Come by the Marketplace for your 2010 Creations

It's a new year and new creations are in the Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace.
From Valentines to anytime you can decorate your home, find wonderful gift and even a patterns or two in our full stocked Marketplace. We update on the 1st and 15th and many shoppes add new creations on both dates.
Come by and sign up for our mailing list and check out our featured Poppy too.
Hope to see you soon at Lemon Poppy Seeds Marketplace