Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Challenge Jan 23 Creations

The Poppies decided to do something new and inspiring in 2009 and that is to hold Friday Challenges. Each Friday we will receive a word, phrase, picture or idea and we have a week to create something using that theme. The next Friday we will post the finished items in here for YOU to see and let you know about the next week's challenge.

Some of the finished items will be for sell in our own poppy shoppes, on eBay (Search for LPSX) and maybe even on Etsy.

As you can see one of our generous Poppies is holding a drawing for her finished challenge and a great piece of artwork it is. Make sure to go and post a comment to get your name i for the drawing!

So here are Jan 23 creations for your viewing pleasure.
From Jane of Ark Designs
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From The Olde Prim House (wonderful giveaway right now too)
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From Always Crafty 2
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From The Olde SaltBox
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Jan 30 Challenge is:
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Check back next week to see what creations show up and remember to go check out the Giveaway here on Xtreme Prim Blog!

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DaizyDonna said...

I absolutely love your creations girls :) Great job!! Of course you Poppies always come up with the greatest creations :)
Fabulous :)